About My Writing Experience

Writing a book is only likely to be easy if one has a degree in English and is versed in literature and, to some extent, also the world of publishing and writing. In my own case, I had a stammer which took many childhood years to overcome; and I had a hard time at school, which was not helped at all by my fraught home and family life.

Whether it is particularly relevant, necessity can be said to be the mother of invention; and my early misfortunes could only be overcome by engaging in some sort of struggle. So — whether these comments are relevant or not — these impressions of myself and where I thought I was going were a driving force for me.

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost springs very much to mind, also. For one makes various choices for whatever reasons and one’s life gets shaped by them. The life journey kind of takes on its own character and that contributes to who one becomes… there is something of a mystery to the fate in it all, I think.

I know I am being a bit circular here, but it is I think true that one arrives at each new potential turning point and is somewhat obliged to make a choice.

And, yes, my writing the book was a big venture for me. Particularly so, because it entailed unravelling what actually happened to me in my early years and overcoming a few taboos, too.

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