Since Writing My Book…

It’s about two and a half years, and I have needed to reconcile myself to advancing old age and examine my bucket list. Plus, I have humdrum stuff that needs to be done. And I guess self-advancement topics of interest change as one gets older; certainly, two periods of hospitalisation in this time have contributed to the additional steps that I take to look after myself.

Sorting out the “fake” funeral announcement that was published for my mother has now risen up my list. And, for me, it faked stuff about the relationships that my mother was entwined in; and set out lots of wrong stuff about the family set up. There is a certain cosmetic licence that I think we tolerate at times when we celebrate someone’s life. So, I have to kind of watch my step if I want to go on the record with my objections.

I guess I would have been most happy If I had had some say in that announcement and one option that would have made me much happier would have been if my name were not listed with those of the other children of my mother. Doubtless, my siblings had their own reason for risking my wrath in deciding to do as they did. And that I guess is the reason why the cat has been set among the pigeons, so to speak.

So, given that I have to watch my step, the project of polishing both content and presentation on this website has come to the fore as an item on my bucket list for being checked off on. And, yes, I have had to polish up on my website building skills.

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