I have revamped my earlier sets of pages to include a leading critical article on the announcement for my late mother's funeral. The Family-Background article mentions the brain scan I had done in 2017. This alters the situation as I described it in my book of 2016. There is also a blog post on that topic.

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Sample-A Severely Dysfunctional Family - Geoffrey Slocock

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I started off doing sales from this site, but Amazon is more currently a very satisfactory sales outlet for me to use. Whichever e-commerce software or system I try to use for this site, it is always a hassle.

A consistent and small number of people want the PDF version. But the contact form can be used by anyone who wants a copy from me; and, as for payment, that depends somewhat on how easy that would prove to be. Gratis is an additional possibility, too.

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