About the Site

Over the years, I have had experience with administering websites; and my need for this particular web presence arose largely because of the book that I published in 2016. This is a WordPress site with some blogging entries contained within it, but it is primarily deployed as pages and is thus more of a website than a blogging platform.

Because of an increasing amount of content I have had to do some improvement work. And, with the additional content, extra work has had to be done in improvements made to the visibility of aspects that need prominence and necessary visual cues being given to visitors to explore more of the site. In a nutshell, perhaps, the site has needed to be made more attractive or enticing to look at.

It has been kind of fun doing the research and the thinking through of what best suits my content, so as to get a result that I am more happy with. Website building is rather more than just a chore for me. And doubtless, as I get some more time, I will add on some extra pages where I explain more of the rationale as to why I have done things in particular ways.