Synopsis: The Complicated Relationship with My Mother

It is not to be doubted there are brutal forces that have been at play within this family. Doing the due diligence takes time when there has been an extensive war of both words and deeds.

The writer describes how phantasmagoria has come into play for his mother and the other family adversaries as they have played games with the realities. The writer, however, has had his own life significantly interfered with and has needed to tally matters with his own religious beliefs and values.

To an extent, this work is written from a perspective of the writer looking for a marriage partner against the background of his mother having been disrespectful of his ability to be a responsible partner and parent. Indeed, the writer is scarcely the base and vulgar person that he has been portrayed as and clearly, also, is most capable of being highly sophisticated. But that indeed is also to talk about the troubled journey he has had to make whilst being in conflict with his mother.

There have been two divorce experiences and there are brief analyses provided. The picture has been one of his mother having fought extensive and overblown war campaigns. The writer has needed psychological assistance both by way of self-education and improvement and by talking with counsellors and experts.

The writer mentions and exemplifies some of his own experiences on the psychoanalytic topic of the sublimation of the sex drive. His interactions with his mother and others have had dire consequences for him. And, indeed, he recounts to some extent how he has answered questions for lady friends about his background issues. But indeed he also has the advantage of having published works that they have also looked at.

The writer’s mother would cite her religious beliefs frequently as a justification for her actions. And the writer explains how he has endeavoured to improve the quality of his own religious beliefs. Clarifications of moral values are admittedly a partially abstruse area, but the writer has not altogether avoided the business of making some distinctions.

Albeit in a qualified sense the writer condemns his siblings to disownment because of their role in faking a retrospective marital harmony between his two divorced parents by burying the two into the same grave. He had dissented from that decision and had warned them of consequences ultimately to follow.

The relationship of this work with the two previous ones is, to an extent, described. This is a more brief work and content set out earlier would be useful for the reader, but it is not essential.