Update Notes

Click to inspect and buy on AmazonOn 10th March 2021, my new title was launched on Amazon Kindle (links in the header, above, and the image on the right). Listed below are my notes on both the update work and the additional commentaries on this new book.

Keeping up the pace

A significant part of my older comments were on the subject of possible writer’s block. And, whilst writer’s block is not a topic in my new book, the challenges presented in the writing of it are apparent. Another possible strand in my earlier comments was my frustration at not being able to tidy up my concepts of the family pickles that I’ve been in. It would be audacious of me to suggest that these issues are now resolved in my mind, but I have made progress with them.

And, my earlier comments on this site, in my opinion, reflect favourably on my ontology and resolve. The fact that I wrote this new book during much of the Covid-19 crisis figures in how I managed to tackle the challenges that might not have otherwise been possible to deal with. So that piece of serendipity is quite significant, I feel.

This, then, is a bit more on the issues that I am mulling over as I look to write some additional comment. Doubtless, as the Covid-19 crisis subsides some more, this will help me to gain further insights.

Some various branched-off articles

As of 20/03/2021, I continue to mull over further possible content. Currently, I am considering issues about what family is or amounts to that is not really developed in my latest book. Certainly, I presented my more recently acquired philosophical viewpoints on my experience. But I think that has been about coping or adapting or just simply working around the issues I encountered.

In Caroline Slocock’s book People Like Us, she sort of alludes to a middle class, standardised view of what family is about and what dealings in public are like. Indeed, Christopher and Yayu have a public-life angle to their lives which is also built on what I consider to be a fictionalised view of what the Slocock-family life had earlier amounted to. I suppose we all tend to follow the version that our favourite feuding parent provides, and the view I have presented is built upon my father’s views.

Of course, I had once tried as an oppressed family member to play the collective, participatory game. Our mother was quite uniquely a feminist; and also there has been Violet’s contribution, too… these were both very determined ladies!

But, for whatever reasons including the genetic possibilities, powerplay is a strong trait or behaviour pattern that Caroline and I have in common. One difference, though, is that Caroline had our mother’s backing and I decidely did not.

So this is a starting point from which I will try to develop an essay. I will need to think about the possible size of such an essay, too. Will it be short, medium or large? Could it even prove to be capable of being developed and presented as an additional book?