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28 Mar. 2016
With reference to Caroline Slocock
10 Mar. 2021
26 April 2022

Each of these images can be clicked, and the sales page will be opened up on an Amazon UK page (in a new tab). There is a synopsis, and a free sample read of the work is also available. For other national sites, the starting point of the URL can usually be changed. E.g. Amazon.de, Amazon.fr and Amazon.com can be substituted instead of the UK-based start of URL.

Currently, I am working on a novel which relates to futuristic dystopian events. This will be my first work of fiction.

I used to suffer from a fair amount of writer’s block. And indeed writing about the family feuds used to be a slightly embarrassing subject for me. But, over time, it has become less troublesome; and, indeed, I seem to have lost the writer’s block. I am hopeful, of course, that this work of fiction will be possible to take to completion and publication — insha’Allah!

I continue to say more about myself (as a writer or a person or whatever) on the About page of this website. I then extend on that with a short biography and some photographs. The About dropdown contains links to the synopses for each of the three present works; those links are also repeated at the foot of the generalised About page. Additionally, I have a page on religious values. There is also a page where I make some comments on my current new and developing work.

I have, on earlier sites, published blog posts. And I have a couple or so published at Blog Posts, on the main menu of this site. But I will just for a bit of extra coverage set out those links again, here.

The middle item references David Allen’s book Getting Things Done. And I set out my ideas on task-management discipline and working methods. Apps are useful methods of working and the choice made will tend in some small ways to either shape one’s method or indeed may prove to be subtly useful in nudging one forward. But realism is always required in how one sifts and sorts one’s plans.

The third item makes observations on the theme which this site uses. It has always been known that end users can be terrified of having to get involved with HTML and CSS. And there used to be a large number of very simplified ways of building sites but which nonetheless left folk with frustrations in getting interesting designs together.

WordPress has developed matters very considerably with this theme, and they provide quite straightforward ways of getting sophisticated designs put together. This all helped me a lot and freed me up to be able to plan the whole site out more effectively. In the past, also, you could edit a page and find that you also have to tinker with HTML and CSS coding; the difficulties of those days are now potentially much improved upon.

But, anyway, it is quite pleasing to be able to compose and arrange all the stuff that I want to set out. And I am a little surprised at how much easier that has all become.