The WordPress Twenty Twenty-Two theme, and how it has helped me to express myself

There are a few aspects of site design that I can comment upon, as a part of the general balance of how I have managed to build the presentation. I do have many years of experience with WordPress installations; the Twenty Twenty-Two theme is however structured in some new ways. The main intention of WP is to enable end-users to be more comfortable with in-page text and block editing. I know the traditional HTML and CSS stuff and have done tweaks of those types, and I have done a few such tweaks on this site. But when experts build sites for people and organisations, the actual end-users will most often want to be fully protected against that sort of depth of involvement.

WP’s design idea is largely successful in being able to provide flexible layout facilities and being able, also, to avoid referencing underlying HTML coding concepts. For the likes of me, that means I can concentrate more on getting good overall shape to the set of web pages and can quite easily incorporate a few tidy layout devices. I guess that text in articles and the main-menu system rather need to be arranged for a good eye-catching effect. And I would say that WP’s new features have helped me to achieve some satisfaction in those regards.

I did not have prior experience with this theme, and I was to an extent surprised by how easy it was for me to set things out for my personal or marketing purposes. For most of us, getting a pleasing website together is a challenge of sorts. There will always be balances to be considered; and the particular areas of specialism, themselves, are ones that I have — one way or another — found the time to work with.

Always, I think, there is a sense of playful adventure that comes into play when building websites.

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