The New Work

So far, I have been writing and publishing my biography and family feud experiences; this may continue. But I am currently setting out to write a work of fiction, recounting futuristic dystopian events. This is, though, just a little bit connected up with my earlier work; for dystopian societies do partly resemble the family situation I have come from. And there were obsessive strands of presenting everything in overly phantasmagorical ways which I could not fit in with.

There are a variety of ways and tools that serve to assist with the drafting and polishing stages. What is available tends to improve, all the time. Some packages are very good but issues arise, I think, in where and how one works with a host of construction notes that are quite advisable in developing works of fiction.

For this last work, I have used The Reedsy Book Editor. It can be used free of charge and they have directories of editors and other freelance staff that they endeavour to link you with; they do some quite persistent sales work; it is — despite this — a very well organised web-based tool. I did all of my editing inside of it. And, then, I downloaded the MS-Word-format backup file; and formatted it up for input into Amazon’s Kindle converter. Surprisingly I think, I do all of my own work and don’t use help from experts. Over these three works, I guess I have developed some polish and precision at it.

But this new work of fiction is going to be a little bit of a different kettle of fish. And my attitude toward that is one of wanting to upgrade my note making facilities. If I continue with writing fiction then doubtless I will improve upon my working methods and practices.

As I progress, I may want to add notes here. But I think it’s always the case that the “gadgets” one uses only make a certain contribution to one’s productivity. Having a very nice car does not, for example, turn you automatically into becoming a good driver. The development of an apt mentality and self-review skills seem to come into the picture, as well.

But, anyway, I am curious and intrigued by my particular developmental path. In the past, I have attended writers’ circles. And, certainly, I feel I have a duty to be aware of trying to help to tutor others. It seems that if one has an urge to write and persists then it all tends to happen… a similar story perhaps with learning to drive!